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1. Rejecting and release of responsibility and indemnity.

  1. “” service takes all efforts to supply you with all up to date information.

  2. The information are received from subjects engaged with personal transportations. The source is also commercial advertisements of taxi owners or corporations indicated on their web sites.

  3. Service “” is not responsible for accuracy or content of this data. These information are delivered without any guarantee, that they are fully reliable.

  4. Service “” is not engaged in any legal activity such as transportation agreements with taxi owners or their representatives. We are enabling you to get contact with them only, without any obligations.

  5. The customer shall get confirmation from the taxi owner or his representative (taxi driver) reg. the price, before he makes an agreement and orders a taxi.

2. Service on-line.

All expenses to get hardware or software or all costs of getting in touch with our service “” are on your expense and account.

3. Privacy

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4. “Cookie” files

  1. “Cookie” files are used in order to facilitate your attempts to get a taxi while using our service. They are containing your preferred taxi phones, which you wrote on our web site.

  2. Some information derived from cookie files are processed further on.

  3. “Cookie” files store your preferences (taxi phone, time of browsing, localisations etc.). Thanks to this the User may use his preferred taxi in his actual location.

  4. “Cookie” files are stored for 12 months.

  5. User may reject storing the cookie files by choosing such option in configuration of his browser. Result might be however, that trying to get his preferred taxi this option might work incorrectly.